Converting from iso-8859-1 to utf8 or utf8mb4

Modern sites should use UTF8 or UTF8MB4

Please note: This is technical content suitable only for individuals with software development skills; it is not intended for general Zen Cart users.

Do I need to convert to UTF-8?

Short answer: yes.

Modern databases can handle “multibyte characters” such as emojis. Older databases cannot.

If your customers enter emoji symbols in order-comments or contact-us emails, it may trigger errors on your store resulting in unexpected results and lost details. Sometimes spammers use these symbols in an effort to trip up your store with error logs and wasted CPU processing.

Also, older database structures don’t handle non-english characters as well as utf8 does, which is why utf8 has been the international “standard” for many years.

What does my store currently use?

Since Zen Cart v1.5.0 all new sites create database tables with the UTF8 character-set.
Since Zen Cart v1.5.6 all new sites create database tables with the UTF8MB4 character-set.

If your site was created from an older version, your database might still contain older database structures that don’t support modern multibyte characters.

To change the database to utf8mb4, use the instructions below.

Pre-Conversion to UTF8

If your database contains a mix of latin1 and utf8, it is sometimes helpful to pre-convert your database to entirely utf8 before attempting the move to utf8mb4. Use the plugin Convert db2utf8 to do this.

Converting to UTF8MB4:

1. Converting the database

Use this conversion utility to convert your data to UTF8 (AFTER MAKING AND TESTING A DATABASE BACKUP):

If you encounter errors converting certain tables due to bad data in them, simply fix the bad data and then re-run the script. While a full list of possible database-problems is beyond the scope of this article, common bad-data issues might include the following:

2. Configuring your store

You must also update your PHP files to indicate your UTF-8 intentions.

If you installed your site NEW since v1.5.0 or newer, then the following are ALREADY done for you.
But, if you UPGRADED from a version prior to 1.5.0, then you will need to double-check each of the following:

a. Check each of the following files to be sure that if a define for CHARSET is present that it is defined as utf-8. (If no define for CHARSET is present, skip that file and check the next one).

  • /admin/includes/languages/english.php
  • /admin/includes/languages/OTHER_LANGUAGE_NAME.php (if any)
  • /includes/languages/english.php
  • /includes/languages/TEMPLATE_NAME/english.php (if any)
  • /includes/languages/OTHER_LANGUAGE_NAME.php (if any)
  • /includes/languages/TEMPLATE_NAME/OTHER_LANGUAGE_NAME.php (if any)

b. Check your configure.php files:

  • /admin/includes/configure.php
  • /includes/configure.php

If they have a define for DB_CHARSET, make sure it is set to utf8 without the dash (not utf-8). (It may not be present: if so, that’s fine, go to the next file.)

(Remember, the configure.php files are most likely set to read-only on your server, so you’ll need to change their permissions on the server to be writable before you can save the changes you’re making.)

Issues with Converting prior to 03/05/2021

Versions of the converter utf8mb4-conversion.php and the older version, which was called latin1-to-utf8-conversion.php, prior to 03/05/2021 had an issue with incorrectly removing default values during the conversion. A script exists to fix this issue; see the section “Missing Defaults” in the readme file for

Please note this issue only affects people who ran versions of this script prior to 03/05/2021.

You will know you have this issue if database insert operations are failing because fields don’t have default values. For example, creating a new admin will fail with

--> PHP Fatal error: 1364:Field 'prev_pass1' doesn't have a default value :: INSERT INTO admin
SET admin_name = 'admin',
admin_email = '[email protected]',
admin_pass = '....',
admin_profile = 1,
pwd_last_change_date = now(),

You can also tell by schema inspection if you have this problem - instead of

  prev_pass1 varchar(255) NOT NULL default '' 

you will see

  prev_pass1 varchar(255) NOT NULL 

Similarly, creating a new customer account will fail with a message like

--> PHP Fatal error: 1364:Field 'customers_referral' doesn't have a default value :: INSERT INTO zen_customers 

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