Template Default - what is it?

What is the default template?

template_default is the master set of template files. Don’t touch these (except when doing an upgrade).

Sometimes the word default is also used to refer to a default code file - a file that can be overridden using template overrides.

Zen Cart also comes with another template, called responsive_classic.

See the other FAQ on template overrides for more information.

Contributed responsive templates which you can use with your Zen Cart may be found in the Responsive Templates sections in the Zen Cart Plugins Directory.

For reference, you can also view and Legacy Templates, but bear in mind that you will want your final template to be responsive (to look good on mobile devices).

Can I use template_default?

You do use the it in every case where you don’t override a file.

However, by default, the selected template for your store is responsive_classic.

This means that when Zen Cart looks for a template file, a language file, a stylesheet or any other template file, it looks in responsive_classic first. Then, if the file isn’t found, it looks in template_default.

Is template_default a good base for my new template design?

Not really. It was created in an era prior to the widespread use of mobile devices. For this reason, responsive_classic is a better choice for a base for a new template.

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