Logos in HTML emails

How do I change the logo in my Zen Cart HTML emails ?

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The email logo is contained in the file email/header.jpg.

Replace this file with your logo, then update the following two files:

  • admin/includes/languages/english/email_extras.php.
  • includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE/email_extras.php

In each file, you will want to update the block

  define ('EMAIL_LOGO_FILENAME', 'header.jpg');  //-File is present in /email folder
  define ('EMAIL_LOGO_WIDTH', '550');
  define ('EMAIL_LOGO_HEIGHT', '110');
  define ('EMAIL_LOGO_ALT_TITLE_TEXT', 'Zen Cart! The Art of E-commerce');

Sometimes the change will not show up right away in emails that have already been sent and viewed, due to caching. Simply close your email program and re-open it to see the change take effect. If your email is browser-based, clear your browser cache to see the change. See Image Caching for more details.

NOTE: ** You must be sending HTML emails for this to work. See the Enable HTML Emails setting in Admin > Configuration > Email Options setting.

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