About the Zen Cart project

About this site and the Zen Cart Project

Bug reports, security issues, contributing and community.


Hear about new releases and security updates

Contributing to the Zen Cart project

Ways you can get involved in Zen Cart

Core Team

Zen Cart Core Team


Donate to Zen Cart

Fake solicitations for Zen Cart

PCI compliance and Crypto scams

In Memoriam

Notable Zen Cart Contributors who have passed away

Known Bugs

Known Bugs in Zen Cart


Plugins and Add-Ons for Zen Cart

Release History

Zen Cart Version History

Reporting a bug

Steps to follow when a bug

Security Releases

Patches issued to address vulnerabilities

Security Reporting Protocol

How to report a security issue in Zen Cart


How Zen Cart Releases are Numbered

What features does Zen Cart offer?

What capabilities are built in to this ecommerce solution?

What is Zen Cart ?

What does it do and how can I use it?

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