Address formats - what are they?

How addresses are displayed in different countries

You may have noticed the address format value ranges between 1 and 6. The Uk is 6 and most other countries are 1. What exactly is the ‘format’ ?

Address formats are based on international ISO standard formats.

In Zen Cart, formats are stored in the address_format table.

This table is structured as follows:



A unique, auto incremented value, to identify each address format record.
Type: int(11)
Null: No
Extra: auto_increment


The format used for displaying the shipping/billing address.
Type: varchar(128)
Null: No

Possible variables are:

  • $firstname - first name
  • $lastname - last name
  • $cr - forces line break
  • $streets - street address
  • $city - city
  • $state - state
  • $statecomma - state followed by a comma and a space
  • $postcode - postcode
  • $country - country
  • Punctuation, spaces and other characters can be added as well before or after the variables


Summary of the address format used for display purposes.
Type: varchar(48)
Null: No

Default Entries

The default entries can be seen in the file zc_install/sql/install/mysql_zencart.sql.

As of Zen Cart 1.5.6, they are:

1 $firstname $lastname
$city, $postcode
$statecomma$country,$city / $country
2 $firstname $lastname
$city, $state $postcode
$country,$city, $state / $country
3 $firstname $lastname
$postcode - $statecomma$country,$state / $country
4 $firstname $lastname
$city ($postcode)
$country, $postcode / $country
5 $firstname $lastname
$postcode $city
$country,$city / $country
6 $firstname $lastname
$country,$postcode / $country
7 $firstname $lastname
$city $state $postcode
$country,$city $state / $country

The values are used as follows:

1 - Default, most countries except those below. 
2 - USA 
3 - Spain 
4 - Singapore 
5 - Germany 
6 - UK/GB 
7 - Australia

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