Tracking Inventory

Stock Management in Zen Cart

Many options exist for stock management and inventory tracking. See Admin > Configuration > Stock for details.

Common configurations are:

1. Don’t track stock

Check stock level = false 
Subtract stock = false 
Allow Checkout  = true 

This configuration is well suited for stores that sell virtual products, which can’t be depleted.

2. Track stock, but permit backorders

Check stock level = true 
Subtract stock = true 
Allow Checkout  = true 

This configuration is ideal for stores that sell products where manufacturers can fill re-orders easily and out-of-stock or discontinuation situations are unlikely.

3. Track stock, do not permit backorders

Check stock level = true 
Subtract stock = true 
Allow Checkout  = false

This configuration would be a good match for stores that sell unique or limited quantity products, such as artisan produced goods.

Status handling for Subtract stock = true

Stores that track stock (i.e. have Subtract stock = true) also need to decide on whether changes are required to the status of a product when the quantity in stock goes to zero.

The configuration setting Products status in Catalog when out of stock should be set to controls this. When set to 0, a product will change status to Disabled when the last one is sold. When set to 1, no status change will occur.

What about Variant Stock?

At the current time, Zen Cart does not track the stock of individual product variants (a t-shirt’s stock of large versus medium, for example). There are commercial modifications that address this requirement however, such as the Products’ Options’ Stock Manager (POSM).

What LIFO stock tracking or ERP?

Zen Cart does not provide ERP functionality that some larger businesses may require. Please see ERP for ideas.

Are there plugins that help with stock keeping?

See also EasyPopulate and DbIo.

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