Warning: Your Admin login is not secure

I get a “login not secure” message in my admin - how to fix?

If you are getting this message in your Admin area:

Warning: Your Admin login is not secure ... either you still have default login settings for: Admin admin or have not removed or changed: demo demoonly The login(s) should be changed as soon as possible for the Security of your Shop. For additional Security for the Admin please see the /docs

Go to Admin > Admins > Admin Users You can then add/remove administrative accounts. To secure your site, you should remove the “demo” account (if there is one), or at least change its password.

You should also make sure your admin password is not “admin” (or some other easy to guess value). To change a password, click on the Reset Password button.

We suggest using something at least 8 characters long, and including numbers, and not dictionary words. See security basics.

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