Product Management in Admin

Adding, Editing, Deleting, Moving and Copying Products

Product Types and Product Fields

The fields that are shown on the product adding/editing page in admin depend on the product type. In these examples, we’ll assume the product type is Product - General. This is the most common (and default) product type.

Adding a Product

Adding a product allows you to set all the product fields available to that product type. Adding is done on the product add/edit screen.

For more information, see the product FAQs.

When you add a product, the product’s master category is set to the category in which you are adding the product.

Editing a Product

Editing a product is also done from the product add/edit screen.

This screen shows you the master category id value for a product, which tells you the category the product is in.

Master Category for a product

If the product is a linked product it will have other category associations, which can be managed in the Products to Categories page.

Deleting a Product

Deleting a product removes it from the catalog entirely. Deleting a product is done from the Categories/Products screen using the trash can icon.

Deleting a product

Moving a Product

Moving a product changes its master category so it appears in another place. Moving a product is done from the Categories/Products screen using the purple M icon.

Moving a product

Copying a Product

Copying a product can be used to create a duplicate of the original product or create a linked product. Copying a product is done from the Categories/Products screen using the blue C icon.

Copying a product

The Multiple Categories Link Manager button takes you to the Products to Categories page with the product already selected.

Product Meta Tags

See Products Meta Tags Editor.

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