Coupon Creation

To create a new coupon, go to Admin > Discounts > Coupon Admin, press the insert button and fill in these fields:

Field Name Description
Coupon Name A short name for the coupon.
Coupon Description A description of the coupon for the customer.
Coupon Amount The value of the discount for the coupon, either fixed or add a % on the end for a percentage discount.
Coupon Minimum Order The minimum order value before the coupon is valid.
Coupon Minimum Calculated From 1 Options which allow you allow/disallow products when calculating the order value.
Free Shipping The coupon gives free shipping on an order. Note. This overrides the coupon_amount figure but respects the minimum order value.
Coupon Code You can enter your own code here, or leave blank for an auto generated one.
Uses per Coupon The maximum number of times the coupon can be used, leave blank if you want no limit.
Uses per Customer Number of times a user can use the coupon, leave blank for no limit.
Start Date The date the coupon will be valid from.
End Date The date the coupon expires.
Coupon Zone Restrictions 1 Only allow the coupon to be used in the specified zone.
Customer previous orders less than 1 Only allow this coupon for customers who have placed fewer than the specified number of orders.

1 : These options have been available since Zen Cart 1.5.6.

For more information, see the coupons FAQ.

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