Long EZ-Pages are getting cut off

Is there a size limit to EZ-Pages?

EZ-Pages are stored in your database. The field that contains the HTML can store approximately 65,000 characters - anything after that will be lost.

To store more you have two options:

  1. increase the size of this database field or
  2. hold the information on a new page outside of the database

To increase the size of the database field, you would use your database management tool (e.g. phpMyAdmin) to open the ezpages_content table (or the ezpages table in Zen Cart 1.5.5 and below), and then change the field type for pages_html_text from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT. This will give it a capacity of 16 million characters. If that’s not enough (wow, what are you doing!) then you can change it to LONGTEXT which will give you a cool 4 trillion characters with which to play.

Alternatively you could use the extra pages (page_2, page_3 and page_4) which are shipped with Zen Cart and customize them as described in title change for page_X. This would be slightly more complex, but offer quicker performance and more flexibility.

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