Listing Page Layout

How Zen Cart shows multiple results on one page

Listing Pages are used to show groups of results. Examples of listing pages are:

  • New Products
  • Featured Products
  • All Products

There are specific configurations for these pages:

These four pages are share the same layout: stacked rows with one product per row. This is different from a grid-style page like Specials: grid pages are laid out like the home page, with one main centerbox. Also, listing pages are paginated so that only a subset of the total number of results are shown. Navigation is provided between blocks of results.

Three of the pages, New, Featured, and All Products, have configuration settings that are identical in nature. The full explanation for these display settings can be found here: New/Featured/All Listing Configuration Settings.

The Admin > Configuration > Index Listing page works differently. It is explained in the Index Listing Configuration FAQ.

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