Template Updates

Keeping your custom template up to date.


If you start building a new Zen Cart with the latest version, and use the Responsive Classic template (or the very well maintained Bootstrap template), you get all the latest fixes.

But what if you are using another template? How can you check to see if it has all the most recent fixes?

This page is intended to present a list of security fixes and other improvements you will want to add to your template if they are not present and you have overridden the file. (If you have not overridden the file, you are using the updated copy in template_default.) You can check the folder includes/templates/template_default for the base copy of the specified file if you’re not sure where a change should go.

Security Fixes

  • common/html_header.php - use header('X-Frame-Options:SAMEORIGIN'); to prevent clickjacking.

  • common/html_header.php - pull in most recent versions of jQuery and other libraries.

  • common/tpl_header.php - Use zen_output_string_protected for message display.

  • sideboxes/tpl_reviews_random.php - use zen_output_string_protected for review display.

  • templates/tpl_account_default.php - use zen_output_string_protected for $orders['order_name']) display.

  • templates/tpl_account_history_info_default.php - use zen_output_string_protected for output of $_GET['order_id'].

  • templates/tpl_checkout_confirmation_default.php - use zen_output_string_protected for attribute value display.

  • templates/tpl_product_info_display.php - use zen_output_string_protected in productInfoLink.

  • templates/tpl_product_music_info_display.php - use zen_output_string_protected in productInfoLink.

  • templates/tpl_product_free_shipping_info_display.php - use zen_output_string_protected in productInfoLink.

  • templates/tpl_product_reviews_default.php - use zen_output_string_protected for review display.

  • templates/tpl_reviews_default.php - use zen_output_string_protected for review display.


The following template files were updated in Zen Cart 1.5.7 with anti-spam features:

  • templates/tpl_product_reviews_write_default.php
  • templates/tpl_contact_us_default.php
  • templates/tpl_modules_create_account.php
  • templates/tpl_ask_a_question_default.php

Client side validation

The following files were updated in Zen Cart 1.5.5 to specify a field type and required flag where needed when creating input fields:

  • templates/tpl_account_edit_default.php
  • templates/tpl_account_password_default.php
  • templates/tpl_contact_us_default.php
  • templates/tpl_login_default.php
  • templates/tpl_modules_address_book_details.php
  • templates/tpl_modules_checkout_new_address.php
  • templates/tpl_modules_create_account.php
  • templates/tpl_password_forgotten_default.php

Note: Please be sure to also check Release Specific Upgrade Considerations when doing an upgrade.

PHP Updates

You will also want to make changes so that your older template is compliant with the latest version of PHP. See PHP Warnings and Deprecated messages for some common changes.

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