Group Pricing

Discounts for select customers

Group Pricing allows you to offer a percent-off discount to specific customers. Customers are organized into groups according to their discount.

If you want to offer a group discount, you need to first enable group pricing

Go to: Admin > Modules > Order Total and select Group Pricing (ot_group_pricing). 
If it’s not already installed, click Install to enable it.

Note that for users of wholesale pricing: customers may be assigned to wholesale levels or group pricing groups but not both.

Group Pricing

Go to Admin > Customers > Group Pricing.

Next, you create a pricing group by clicking Insert.  (Or Edit to edit an existing pricing group.)
Fill in the details.

Assigning Customers to Pricing Groups

Go to Admin > Customers > Customers and find the customer you want to add to a group. Edit the customer, and set the Discount Pricing Group field at the bottom of the screen. Press Update.

The customer will now be entitled to the Group Discount you have configured. The discount will be shown as a line item under the Subtotal at checkout time.

Other Uses for Pricing Groups

While not ideal, there is the possibility that custom code can use customer pricing groups for other purposes as well. For example, the Invoice Payment Method plugin checks the customer’s group and only becomes visible if their group name begins with the string “invoice_”.

Display of Group Discounts

Group Discounts are shown in the order summary on the checkout payment and checkout confirmation pages. See price reductions for details.

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