Banner Manager

This page allows you to manage various “fortune cookie”-type text and image banners. This section manages the individual banners and their groups.

Steps include:

  • Create banner and include it in the Banner Manager banner list - In this step, a banner is also placed in a Banner Group
  • Use Configuration : Layout Settings to assign each pre defined banner “location” in a banner group (or leave empty).

Banners can be HTML, Image or Flash, or a combination. It’s a flexible way to add dynamic content.

Tips: If you are using different sizes for the banners, you can create a “Banner Group” for each size and include the banner size in the Banner Group name to keep track of which banner fits where.

Or, you could create a banner group for each placement (group names BanHeadPos1, BanHeadPos2, BanHeadPos3, BanFootPos1, BanFootPos3, BanFootPos3).

Note however, that an empty banner group will be deleted. Once a Banner Group is added, the new name will appear in the dropdown.

Remove all banners from a Banner Group and it will disappear.

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