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How can I use Axe DevTools to test accessibility?


Axe DevTools, developed by Deque Systems, is a powerful browser extension that assists in identifying and addressing accessibility issues. In this article, we will explore how you can effectively use the Axe DevTools free version.

Accessing Axe DevTools Free Version

You can find the Axe DevTools free version in the respective browser’s extension store (Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons). Once installed, the extension integrates seamlessly into the browser, ready to be utilized on any webpage.

Understanding Axe DevTools Free Version

Axe DevTools is an open-source accessibility testing and debugging tool provided as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The free version empowers you to assess web pages for accessibility issues without any additional cost. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Axe DevTools helps you identify barriers that hinder accessibility and provides guidance on how to improve your websites for all users.

  • Activating Axe DevTools - When visiting a webpage, you can activate Axe DevTools by clicking on the extension’s icon in the browser’s toolbar. The extension will then analyze the page and identify potential accessibility issues.

  • Understanding the Results - After the analysis is complete, Axe DevTools provides a comprehensive report, categorizing accessibility issues into critical, serious, and moderate concerns. Each issue is described in detail, along with its impact on users and guidance on how to address it.

  • Evaluating Page Accessibility - Axe DevTools allows you to evaluate individual pages for accessibility compliance. By activating the extension on different pages of your website, they can identify specific issues unique to each page and implement targeted improvements.

  • Keyboard Navigation and Focus Indicators - A critical aspect of web accessibility is ensuring that users can navigate and interact with the website using only a keyboard. Axe DevTools helps you evaluate keyboard accessibility, ensuring that all interactive elements can be accessed and operated without a mouse. The extension also checks the visibility and clarity of focus indicators, which are vital for users who rely on assistive technologies.

  • Testing Color Contrast and Text Readability - Axe DevTools evaluates color contrast between text and background elements, ensuring that the content remains legible for users with visual impairments. It also checks for sufficient text size and readability, helping you create content that is easily comprehensible to all users.

  • Identifying Missing Alternative Text - Images without appropriate alternative text can be a significant barrier for users with visual impairments. Axe DevTools identifies images lacking descriptive alternative text, enabling you to add informative descriptions to ensure inclusivity.


Implementing the recommendations from Axe DevTools not only helps you comply with legal requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to providing a positive user experience for all visitors. As web accessibility gains more significance, you can proactively use Axe DevTools to create a digital space that is accessible and welcoming to all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

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