Admin Dashboard

The Admin Home Page

The Admin Dashboard is your home page in the Zen Cart admin.

It is structured to give you the maximum amount of information possible about your store one one page.

Each of the boxes on the admin page under the menu is called a widget. Here’s the statistics widget, as an example.

Widgets on home page

The following widgets are pre-built on your admin home page:

  • Statistics (product and category counts, reviews, etc.)
  • Special, Featured and Sale counts
  • Order counts by status
  • New Customers
  • Who’s Online
  • Visitor History
  • New Orders
  • Monthly Sales


  • You may modify the position of each widget on the screen, or delete widgets that are not useful to you.

    • In Zen Cart 2.0.1 and above, you may customize the dashboard by modifying the $widgets array created in admin/index_dashboard.php using the notifier NOTIFY_ADMIN_DASHBOARD_WIDGETS.
    • In older versions of Zen Cart, you you may customize the dashboard by changing the inclusion order of the widgets in admin/index_dashboard.php.
  • If you have specific things you’d like to monitor on your site, you can build your own widget. See building an admin widget for details.

  • Some parameterization of dashboard New Orders widget may be performed using the Admin Site Specific Overrides.

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