New Listing - Featured Listing - All Listing configuration settings

Configuration for New Products, Featured Products and All Products pages

Please note: This content is for Zen Cart 2.x.x. For Zen Cart version 1.x.x, please see New Listing - Featured Listing - All Listing configuration settings for Zen Cart v1.x.x.

The New Products, Featured Products, Specials, and All Products pages are listing pages.

In v2.x.x, they are all configured the same way product listing pages are, using the settings described in the product listing configuration page.

Upgraders from v1.x.x please note the following:

  • Specials/New/All/Featured pages now use the same product-listing template as the category navigation does.
  • The menu items “All Listing,” “New Listing” and “Featured Listing” under the Configuration Menu are no longer there; go to the Configuration > Product Listing menu instead to configure the layout of these pages.
  • The default behavior of the Specials page has changed from a grid layout to whatever is configured in the Columns Per Row setting.
  • All these pages will also follow the setting for “columns per row”, so if the product-listing uses rows, so will S/N/A/F pages; likewise, if set to 3 columns, all pages will use 3 columns.
  • The old “click column headings for sort” is replaced by the sort dropdown.
  • The old configuration settings are available but hidden, so older templates will continue to work.
  • Pagination is not changed.

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