Tips on creating a plugin

Zen Cart - Tips on creating a plugin


It is wise to ensure that ALL your PHP plugin files include a line near the top which checks whether IS_ADMIN_FLAG is defined. This way if you have a file that’s accessed via unauthorized methods then it will just abort. For example:

if (!defined('IS_ADMIN_FLAG')) die();

Other variations for specific use in either admin or catalog might check whether it is set to boolean true/false.

Optimizing the use of Overrides

There are built-in override capabilities in Zen Cart to prevent needing to edit some core files which would otherwise need updating.

(As a reminder, the override basics are covered in the storefront help; you may read the introduction, the details, and then the summary.)

Some of the commonly-overlooked override capabilities are listed here:

database_tables.php & filenames.php

Combine your extra details for these two files into one file, and then add it to both the storefront and the admin:



(these will auto-load)



(This will auto-load)

Forum Resources

If you run into trouble working on your plugin, you can always post your question on the Contribution-Writing Subforum.

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