Class autoloading

Class Autoloading

Encapsulated plugins allow you to Autoload classes based on 2 scenarios.

  • Where the class follows PSR4 and the filename is the same as the class name
  • Where the filename is different to the class name

PSR4 based classes

Encapsulated plugins manage these automatically, by placing the classes in specific diectories.

e.g for admin I can place a class in the plugins admin/includes/classes/ directory

As an example lets use the current DisplayLogs plugin.

In its admin/includes/classes/ directory lets add a new class called Cache.php I’ve named this to see how it doesn’t interfere with the current cache class that Zen Cart uses.

This class looks like


namespace Zencart\Plugins\Admin\DisplayLogs;

class Cache
    public function test()
        echo 'FOOOOO';

now in the admin/display_logs.php file, I can call this after the line require 'includes/application_top.php';

$cache = new Cache();

Note: we also need to add

use Zencart\Plugins\Admin\DisplayLogs\Cache;

to the beginning of the file.

When the DisplayLogs plugin is installed we should see the FOOOOOoutput when navigating to its menu entry.

Custom class filenames

When the filename of a class does not match the class name, we need to do a bit more work.

Again lets create a new class file in the plugin’s admin/includes/classes directory.

Lets call this file class.some_weird_class_filename.php with the contents


namespace Zencart\Plugins\Admin\DisplayLogs;

Class myClass
    public function test()
        echo 'BARRRRR';

now in the admin/display_logs.php file, I can add this call after the line `require ‘includes/application_top.php’;

$psr4Autoloader->setClassFile('Zencart\Plugins\Admin\DisplayLogs\myClass', $filePathPluginAdmin['DisplayLogs'] . 'class.some_weird_class_filename.php');
$myClass = new Zencart\Plugins\Admin\DisplayLogs\myClass();

This should output 'BARRRRR' on the Display logs page in admin

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