Plugin Installer Language Files

Plugin Installer Language Files

While most language constants for the plugin installer are managed internally there will be cases where a plugin needs to define some of its own language defines.

For example, if the plugin needs to test some pre-requisites before installing, the error messages for when those pre-requisites fail will need to be defined. In these cases the plugin system allows for loading custom language files.

The main custom language file would reside in the plugin version directory/languages/language name/main .php file.


  • zc_plugins

    • PluginName

      • v1.0.0

        • Installer

        • languages

          • english

            • main.php

If the plugin needs more customization and wants to split off other language defines into separate files it can also load the language files separately. A helper method in the installer class can be used to do this.



Remember, we are talking here about language defines that are only used during installation. Loading of language files needed by the plugin itself are handled differently.

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