Sorting an Admin menu

How admin menus can be sorted

By default, the list under each of the main admin menu titles (Configuration, Catalog, Modules etc…) are ordered according to each menu items sort_order in the database (which is set on initial installation). However, it is possible to alpha-sort these entries which may be more desirable as they often become extended with Plugins.

Since Zen Cart 1.5.7, this functionality has been controlled in the admin main language file, eg. admin/includes/languages/english.php

by the constant


by adding a comma-separated list of the menu_key values (as defined in the admin_menus database table)

eg: 'configuration,catalog,modules,customers,taxes,localization,reports,tools,gv,acccess,extras'

Additionally under the Configuration menu (My Store, Minimum values etc,), the list in each submenu can also be alphasorted.

Zen Cart 1.5.7

In release 1.5.7, to sort a Configuration submenu listing (such as My Store) by name, admin/configuration.php must be modified manually to check for the gID of the desired menu and alter the SELECT query at the start of the tbody, to ORDER BY configuration_title instead of ORDER BY sort_order for that menu.

Zen Cart 1.5.8

In release 1.5.8 and forward, the new constant CONFIGURATION_MENU_ENTRIES_TO_SORT_BY_NAME is used to determine which submenus are sorted by adding a comma-separated list of the configuration IDs (gID) of each submenu, e.g. ‘1,2,3,4’ etc

The gID of each submenu can be ascertained by hovering the cursor over each submenu item and noting the number of the final parameter gID of the link,

eg. for Minimum Values: https://MYWEBSITE/MY_ADMIN/index.php?cmd=configuration&gID=2

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