Auto Inclusion System

What files are automatically included?

To reduce the number of changes required for plugin authors, Zen Cart does some automatic inclusion of files.


Any *.php files placed in includes/functions/extra_functions are loaded automatically, and can be called by any storefront side logic. Similarly, on the admin side, functions in admin/includes/functions/extra_functions are automatically loaded.

Language Files

  • A storefront side page will automatically load its own language file. So the page includes/modules/pages/contact_us/ will load includes/languages/english/contact_us.php
  • All files in includes/languages/english/extra_definitions are automatically loaded.

Extra Datafiles, Extra Configures, Extra Cart Actions

Any *.php files in this folder are loaded automatically.

See Extra folders for a complete list.

Auto Loaded Observers

These are described in the Notifiers and Observers documentation. Auto-loaded Observer files include those in includes/classes/observers (and Admin) whose name begins with auto. and which define a class named zcObserver + the CamelCased filename - for example, class zcObserverFooObserver.


A number of stylesheets are automatically loaded; this process is described in the stylesheet documentation.

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