The make:defines command is used to convert legacy language files into the new php array format.

The command accepts up to 3 options

-f --file 
-d --dir
-c --config

-f –file

This option accepts the path to single file.

e.g admin/includes/languages/english/index.php

and will convert that file to



-d –dir

This option accepts the path to a directory.

It will attempt to convert al files within the directory renaming files with a lang. prefix.

-c –config

This option accepts the path to a file that contains an array definition used to decide which files to convert.

The config file is an array return file, so should look like

return [];

The array can have 2 root elements, files and directories

files is a list of files to convert, and similarly directories is a list of directories to convert.


return [
    'files' => ['file1.php', 'file2.php],
    'directories' => ['dir1', 'dir2']


Last modified May 7, 2020 by Scott C Wilson (28b2dd6).